Presentation half day training programme


  • 4 hours intensive coaching
  • 2/3 trainers including a trained actress and voice coach
  • Each exercise is filmed, played back and reviewed
  • DVD of the mock interviews to review following training
  • Preparation to make the training as relevant and realistic as possible
  • Follow-up support
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Introduction and Objectives

Presentation Matters

We set the context for successful presentations to professional audiences.

Looking the part, sounding the part

We deal with the essential considerations to make a powerful impact on an audience.

Impromptu short speech

A short speech on a familiar topic to allow the team to make an initial assessment of your vocal strengths and weaknesses.

Tailoring the message

The vital considerations that underpin the effectiveness of any speech or presentation.

Two minute prepared presentation

The presentation allows the team to make an early assessment of areas for developments, and provides a benchmark to measure improvement throughout the session.

Breathing, vocal exercises and posture

An intensive 30 minute session with voice coach and drama teacher, Sarah Huntley, including key routines used by professional actors and presenters.

The exercises help develop projection and assist in the relaxation of voice and mind before important events.

Working with PowerPoint

The essential rules that help a presenter make the most of visual aids.

Pace exercise

How to make maximum effect with words. We practise with a written text to help you get the feel for the right pace at which to communicate with authority.

Course Review

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